Leeroy : 5/5

Aiming to create a community around the BFI’s contemporary film festival but with little knowledge of PHP, I collaborated with Leeroy who played a key role in my project as a backend developer. Creating the Mysql database with a fully functioning login system along with all the websites main functionality eg. adding comments, reposting comments, sharing films via Facebook and Twitter, users profile page and a like count for each film, helped provide me with a good basis to work from. Including this the PHP he coded, decreased my work load significantly by calling a function for the header.php and footer.php in each page. This automatically incorporated the styling I had defined and avoided having to enter the header and footer into each page manually. Additionally I saved time by storing each film and it’s relevant information in the database, rather than entering it manually through HTML. Overall Leeroy produced good quality work, that was easy to incorporate into my project.

Harriet: 5/5

Harriet was extremely helpful during the production process. Working with data entry, she uploaded most of the films to the website and their relevant information. This proved to be a longer and more arduous task than previously expected with over 100 films being entered into the database, along with a short description, movie trailer, list of actors/actresses and four or more images for the gallery. Collaborating on Harriet’s flash game allowed me to recognise the importance of story boarding and creating a strong user journey. This was not only relevant to her project but also mine, in order to maintain user interest. Additionally I sourced stock free sounds for her game, which proved more difficult than expected as I had to search for quite specific sounds. Among these included handcuffs being put on, a car swerving, a win and lose sound and various other motor related sounds. Working with her allowed me to understand that sound was an important aspectsof the game, partly because sound is evocative. This meant that I had to choose sounds carefully, in order to evoke the correct emotion at certain points in the game.

Emily: 5/5

Throughout the production process, Emily and I consistently critiqued and analysed each others projects. I found collaborating with her extremely useful during pre production phases in particular when brainstorming. It was useful to have another persons creative inputs, as I found we were able to bounce off each others ideas and create a more detailed concept based around the festival. Along with brainstorming we also discussed the websites hierarchy, in order to insure the website met its goals of encouraging users to post about films and interact with each others comments. Aiming to create a strong UX design meant that we revisited this topic several times to ensure I had chosen the best possible route to go down. This involved  analysing whether a vertical or horizontal navigation was more appropriate and backing up our assumptions with user testing. In return I analysed Emily’s mobile app designs, contemplating the best solution to create a more fun and appropriate design for the topic chosen. It was decided that initial design ideas were too formal and didn’t offer much different from apps already out there. We decided that a more modern, minimalistic design that placed emphasis on smokers gaining rather than losing was more appropriate. This was achieved by limiting the tab bar to three functions, tracking progress, keeping up to date with motivations and setting daily tasks.





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