Appendix B

User Testing First Iteration Results:

page-0 The heat map demonstrates where users thought they had to click to view more information on a film, with the average time taken being 15 demonstrated where users clicked on the page to change the settings button.
page-2 This demonstrated where users clicked to repost another users comments. page-3

Overall the results weren’t bad but i considered the average time taken to complete each task a little too long. Furthermore users  comments clarified that the interface needed to be clearer. When asked what improvements could be made to the website, if any, users responded:

355934 I found the vertical navigation a little confusing and the settings icon hard to read
355935 a home or menu button
355942 More prominent settings/profile
355943 I wanted clearer options on the navigation bar
355945 the icons in the bottom left weren’t totally clear
355947 the settings section symbol could be slightly clearer
355948 Clearer icons
355964 it’s very well done
355965 Finding out info about films
355988 An about page that provides an insight into what the site is all about and how it works

When asked whether they preferred icons/ textual links to represent information users responded :

355934 plain text
355935 icons
355942 for what?
355943 Plain texts
355945 icons
355947 icons
355948 plain texts
355964 icons
355965 Icons
355988 depends. mix usually works


User testing second iteration

page-0The heat map demonstrates a decrease of 7 seconds in the average time taken to view further information on a film by simply adding in a plus sign to indicate there was more content to be viewed. page-1 Taking into account users comments and feedback i decided a horizontal navigation created a stronger hierarchical structure. This was proven by testing as the time taken to change the settings decreased by 1 second. page-2 The heat maps demonstrate what navigation appeared more natural to them. This confirmed the assumption that a horizontal navigation was the best route to go down.


After analysing the results from the wireframes, i drew up designs and questioned users on their opinions of the overall look of the website.

Do you find the website allows you to effectively view people’s opinions?

365444 Yes, it was very easy to find users opinions and voice my own, the fact you can scroll over the film and see opinions is great
365445 Yes, i think it’s great how you can instantly view all users comments when you click onto the website.
365585 Yes. Not being a very proficient social media or internet user, I found the website very easy to navigate due to its simple and clean layout.
365586 yes, having the user’s opinions there to see when you click on the film is really useful and a great way to instantly see what people think about them.

Do you find the focus on strong visual aesthetics more engaging than websites that do not?

365444 Yes, i like that the website is active
365445 Yes, i think other sites rely too heavily on textual content and find it a bit boring to flick through. I really like how the amount of text it limited but you can still view the most valuable info by hovering over images
365585 Yes; I liked the fact there was not too much text which can often websites look busy and messy, and feel pictures can often do a better job as well as looking more professional
365586 I think having images makes the site really visually attractive which is very important. It’s nice to have the images alongside the written descriptions because it gives you a better impression of what the film will be like.

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