Experience Design

To fully develop my project it was essential to consider what field of design it was situated. Basing my project around the experience of social interaction and the ability to project one’s opinions through visual film boards, I consider the project sits within experience design. In order to create a strong user experience i had to focus on creating a clear responsive website that was easy to navigate across all screen resolutions. Leung (2008, p.94) states, “understanding the relationship between user and application is fundamental to developing something that works at a functional as well as experiential level.” This stresses the importance of understanding users and their needs, in order to create a product that satisfies.

Mcdonagh (2004, p.44) et al further support this view stating that people’s choice in a product are for both practical and emotive reasons. They state, “to design with the intent to satisfy function alone is no longer enough. Better design makes space for a feeling of identity, achievement, inspiration and joy.” Therefore the quality of the design needed to reflect the personality and motives of its users rather than function alone. To achieve this I incorporated a flat design that focused primarily on imagery and limited textual content. By contrasting and overlaying colours to make content appear more prevalent whilst maintaining a clear and minimalistic layout helped place focus on films and users opinions. To gain further knowledge of what users wanted to benefit from the site, user testing and questionnaires were undertaken.


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