To ensure that focusing heavily on imagery was the right path to go down I questioned users on their preferences. When asked whether they found a focus on strong visual aesthetics more engaging than more textual based sites user’s responded :

365445 Yes, i think other sites rely too heavily on textual content and find it a bit boring to flick through. I really like how the amount of text it limited but you can still view the most valuable info by hovering over images
365585 Yes; I liked the fact there was not too much text which can often websites look busy and messy, and feel pictures can often do a better job as well as looking more professional
365586 I think having images makes the site really visually attractive which is very important. It’s nice to have the images alongside the written descriptions because it gives you a better impression of what the film will be like.

This confirmed my belief that user’s did value a focus on imagery when searching the web.


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