In order to comprehensively understand how to design for the web it is imperative to acknowledge that the technologies used shape the outcome of a project. Jeremy Snell (2013) highlights the need to consider technology during the design process and defines responsive web design as, “the need to provide a positive, intuitive user experience,” for each device. With regards to a responsive layout, I was essentially creating three different designs that needed to engage users across all devices. This was more complicated than expected with different devices being used in different contexts and environments.

Secondly after receiving the PHP and functionality I found it difficult to integrate the code with the CSS styling I had created. I found this extremely challenging at first and in hindsight should have worked alongside Leeroy to determine the class and id’s of each element. This perhaps reflects my weaknesses as a production manager, as we didn’t meet weekly to discuss the progress we had both made. Reflecting upon this experience has enabled me to understand the importance of working as one unit, rather than separately. By creating two separate pieces of code, in essence we were working on two different projects rather than one, which ultimately made my side of production a much slower and more difficult process.

However I now feel more confident with PHP through styling and adapting the code initially created. Overall I found collaborating an extremely useful learning process which has not only enabled me to build on my skills as a designer but also as a coder.


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