David Bushell (2012) stresses the importance of communication with collaborators stating, “It’s important that communication is continuous so that both sides accommodate each other.” I found collaborating on my project an extremely useful learning process which has enabled me to understand my strengths and weaknesses as a production manager. During pre production phases Harriet, Emily and I met regularly to discuss our ideas and give feedback on one another’s project. However later in production work, I feel we met less. This perhaps reflects my weaknesses as a production manager, and demonstrates lack of organisation in which I was unable to balance time as well as I should have between different parts of work. In an attempt to resolve this I created a Gantt chart to help  divide my time between projects and more problematic tasks. gantchart3

This enabled me to address the projects goals, aims and their feasibility against time constraints.Furthermore it underlined that some tasks needed more attention than others, for example i found it incredibly difficult getting the users comments to appear when user’s hovered over a film image. I had to therefore devote more time to this, as it was an essential aspect of the site. I had to therefore sacrifice refining smaller tasks, resulting in a slightly less polished product than I would have liked.


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