As mentioned earlier, Catmoji, Pinterest and Food Spotting have all been categorised as interest based networks because they centre around one common topic. I strongly believe that I managed to produce an interest based network around the BFI’s contemporary film festival through visual representations of individual’s opinions. Thus creating a database of film reviews in which users engage by reposting or adding to previous comments. Support for this is further provided by user feedback which suggests the website creates a strong community feel.

” I am quite into films and so look forward to continuing to use it in future as I think it is a great way of finding other people with similar interests to me.”

“The fact that people can comment on films and each user can see all the comments creates a fun network for people to discuss their views.”

However feedback also implied that further interaction and engagement could be integrated:

” I think the website could be improved if it allowed me to click on other user’s profiles. In this way I would be able to connect on a closer level to other users and this would make the website a lot more engaging. Otherwise I really liked it.”

” It would perhaps be better if the users could interact with each other more, like people can on social networks. Maybe the site could suggest people to follow or connect with based on similar film interests.”

If I were to continue the project or if time permit, I would have integrated functions like those suggested above. I feel that the ability to view users profiles and their favourite films would have created a stronger interest based network, with a greater community feel. However, overall  this project has been an extremely useful learning experience that has enabled me to better understand the concepts and processes designers must go through to create a strong user centred design. It has not only enabled me to build on my skills as a designer and coder but also as a manager and has enabled me to recognise the importance of user testing and initial market research in the success of a product. Overall I feel that I have successfully met my aims and objectives for this project, which were to enhance user’s experience and knowledge of the upcoming with a visually aesthetic cross platform website.


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